Similar to speed-runs, gaming chairs have risen in popularity in recent years. aside from the racing seat styling, what’s the particular difference between a regular office chair and a gaming chair, or simply another marketing shtick?

At first glance, gaming chairs have the edge over office chairs.

The most striking difference in design between your average office chair and therefore the run-of-the-mill gaming chair is their appearance.

·Gaming chairs usually are overall bigger, with a better backrest than a regular office chair. they're boldly marked with brand logos and are available in a sort of edgy colors.

·Office chairs are manufactured during a single design and have modest branding and color choices.

Gaming chairs, compared to office chairs, get shipped out with more accessories, sort of a headrest cushion, and lumbar support pillows for added comfort.

Ergonomic Differences In Design

More often than not gaming chairs sport a racing design and this is often quite just an aesthetic The curves of the seat and backrest offer a less roomy sitting area that some shorter people find them uncomfortable.

Traditional office chairs specialize in ergonomics over edgy designs. You're more likely to seek out adjustable lumbar support built-in to their design. they are doing not require added plush pillows to market healthy posture.

What to think about Before Buying A Gaming Chair Over An Office Chair?

Are there any differences compared to the normal Office Chair?


Most office chairs don’t need to bear the burden of looking cool, gaming chair manufacturers allocate far more resources into the design.

This is obvious from the race car-inspired aesthetic and premium materials used. One drawback however is that it leaves less room on the table for more important features like ergonomics and comfort.

In fact, most racing design components aren’t always conducive to comfortable long periods of stationary sitting. this is often true if you wish to vary positions tons (Cross Legs).

Height And Weight

Are you either 6’5 and weigh over 250 lbs. If so, then a gaming chair won't be the simplest seat for your stature.

·Due to its racing design, your height and weight are going to be the deciding factors into which chair to urge for optimal comfort.

There's nobody size fits all chair, Always Check Height & Weight Requirements of Chair Before You Purchase!